Art does not seek to describe but to enact. —Charles Olson

Festival II

June 28–July 7, 2005

+ Carolyn Chen + Anna Coburn + David Coll + Kristi Elkins + Christopher Jones + Brian Kane + Grace Leslie +
+ Sarah Miles + Tom Ontiveros + Sabina Piersol + Bruno Ruviaro + Marcia Scott + Erik Ulman + Ann Yi +

Tuesday (June 28)
9 pm:  Film: Charles Laughton:  The Night of the Hunter

Wednesday (June 29)
9 am:  Breakfast
10 am:  Brian Kane: Pierre Schaeffer and the Acousmatic
12 Noon:  Lunch
2 pm:  Improvisation and Rehearsal (Christian Wolff: For Five or Ten People)
6 pm:  Dinner
9 pm:  Erik Ulman: The New American Cinema 1943-63 (Deren, Anger, Markopoulos, Brakhage, Jack Smith)

Thursday (June 30)
8 am:  Breakfast
9 am:  Boat Trip with Mark Scott
12 Noon:  Lunch
2 pm:  Rehearsal (Franck, Fauré, Bach…)
6 pm:  Dinner
8 pm:  Film:  Jacques Rivette: Céline and Julie Go Boating

Friday (July 1)
9 am:  Breakfast
10 am:  David Coll: Recent Music
12 Noon:  Lunch
2 pm:  Informal Presentations:  Marcia Scott: drainage; portals; and a non-absorbable suture; Brian Kane: Figura; Grace Leslie: Landscape #1
3:30 pm:  Rehearsal
6 pm:  Dinner
8 pm:  Erik Ulman: Polyphony in Film:  D.W. Griffith: Corner in Wheat; Jean Rouch: Gare du Nord; Kenneth Anger: Invocation of My Demon Brother; Raul Ruiz: Les Divisions de la nature

Saturday (July 2)
9 am:  Breakfast
10 am:  Bookstore Trip, Ames’ in Grass Valley
12 Noon:  Lunch
2 pm:  Rehearsals (Wolff, Cage)
6 pm: Dinner
7:30 pm:  Reading: John Ashbery:  Litany (Erik Ulman, Sabina Piersol)
9:30 pm: Film: Jean-Pierre Gorin:  Poto and Cabengo

Sunday (July 3)
9 am:  Breakfast
11 am:  John Cage:  But What About the Noise… (at the meadow)
12 Noon:  Lunch
2 pm:  Bruno Ruviaro:  On Galina Ustvolskaya
4 pm:  Improvisation; Rehearsal (Wolff)
6 pm:  Dinner
9 pm:  Film:  Alfred Hitchcock: Under Capricorn

Monday (July 4)
9 am:  Breakfast
10 am:  Christopher Jones: On Erasing De Kooning
12 Noon:  Lunch
1:30 pm:  Rehearsal (Wolff)
2:30 pm:  Cornelius Cardew: The Great Learning, Paragraph 7 (at the meadow)
6 pm:  Dinner
9 pm:  Reading and Discussion:  J.H. Prynne: For the Monogram
10 pm:  Merce Cunningham: Selected Videos

Tuesday (July 5)
9 am:  Breakfast
10 am:  Anna Coburn:  Recent Work
11 am:  Carolyn Chen: On Ineptitude
12 Noon:  Lunch
4 pm:  Erik Ulman:  On My Third String Quartet
6 pm:  Dinner
8:30 pm:  Tom Ontiveros:  Recent Work in Design, Photography, and Video
10 pm: Films:  Raul Ruiz: Colloque de chiens; Jean-Luc Godard and Jean-Pierre Gorin:  Letter to Jane

Wednesday (July 6)

9 am:  Breakfast
Noon:  Lunch
2 pm:  Rehearsal and Improvisation
6 pm:  Dinner
9 pm:  John Cage: Two4 (Erik Ulman, violin; Carolyn Chen, piano)
10 pm:  Films:  Emile de Antonio:  Painters Painting (excerpts); Josef von Sternberg:  The Scarlet Empress

Thursday (July 7)
Cleanup and dispersal

Poto wishes to thank Kristi Elkins for her philanthropy and cooking; Bruno Ruviaro, for recording events and for technical help; Tom Ontiveros, for his photography, additional cooking, and general technical support; David Coll, for sound equipment; Sarah Miles, for making her massage work available; and Mark and Cathy Scott, for additional donations of time and recreation. Poto is sponsored by Intersection for the Arts’ Incubator program.

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